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Escape: Portimao, Portugal

Portimao, Portugal
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Portimao, Portugal
Portimao, Portugal

While we freeze away on the opposite side of the world, one of our ELE team contributors is currently spending the summer in Europe, site-seeing, sunbathing and snapping some gorgeous pics.  This is the beautiful beach at Portimao, Portugal and has us dreaming of sand, sun and sea. For our northern hemisphere followers we hope you have been enjoying a beautiful and relaxing summer.


6 comments on “Escape: Portimao, Portugal

  1. beautiful place! and amazing photos of the place!

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  2. Magnificent photos! I’ve never been to Portugal, but these pictures definitely make me want to go!

    P.S. Thanks for following Southernease! It really means a lot.

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  3. great photos – and I know that there were some wonderful grilled sardines just round the corner to nourish the escape

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  4. Bloggers & Fash

    These photos are fab!

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