Live: Rosemary and Succulent Bouquets

Rosemary and Succulent Bouquet
Flowering Rosemary

It is the first day of spring here in the southern hemisphere and while it is a gloriously sunny day today it is still very crisp and cold. While we are waiting for our spring flowers to bloom we have been making these pretty bouquets using flowering rosemary and succulents. They make every room smell great and last forever, still retaining their prettiness as they dry.


6 comments on “Live: Rosemary and Succulent Bouquets

  1. Beautiful!! I bet it smells great as well!

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  2. Gorgeous Bouquet!

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  3. Such lovely bouquets! I would love to try this next spring — we’ve been wanting to plant lavender — the fragrance is wonderful!

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  4. How pretty! I’ve never thought about using Rosemary in an arrangement…I love the way it smells so I’ll have to try this!

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  5. It looks beautiful! I love the smell of rosemary 😊. Thank you for stoping by and following me!

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