Live: End of Summer

Summer has just finished here in Australia however the days are still balmy and warm with no sign of the new season approaching. At ELE we are looking forward to the falling autumn leaves and the opportunity to curl up by the fire with some good food and even better company. In the meantime we will soak up the last of the summer sunshine at one Australia’s beautiful beaches. Wherever you are in the world we hope you are enjoying the change from winter to spring or summer to fall.


9 comments on “Live: End of Summer

  1. Visit the Dandenong Ranges in Autumn. The leaves will blow your mind. Goodbye Summer.

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  2. Yes enjoying the change of season.Enjoy yours 🍂🍁❄️

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  3. And we welcome it here in India!

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  4. The color and intensity of your images is amazing and crazy beautiful!

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  5. We are just coming into spring here in Colorado (USA) – with the wild (unusual) weather we have been having, will be interesting to see what the summer holds for us!?

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  6. nice photo!

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