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Live: Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are one of life’s little pleasures. We love to shop for flowers on a Friday morning, so that they are at their best all weekend when we finally have time to appreciate them. Even better if we can pick them straight from the garden, where they are guaranteed to be at their freshest and more importantly free. We asked our local florist for her top tips on buying fresh flowers, she said to look for closed buds that have plenty of life left in them, try to buy in season and always buy what you love. Sounds like great advice to us! Happy flower shopping xx


6 comments on “Live: Fresh Flowers

  1. I really want to get into a routine where I start getting fresh flowers for my future flat! These all look stunning. I love watching them put together a bouquet! xx

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  2. beautiful. though better on plant than cut.


  3. beautiful and great photos


  4. Such STUNNING photos! Thanks for sharing, I love them x

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