Live: Snowy Winter Days, Victoria, Australia

 We have been lucky to have some very rare snow this winter at the ELE headquarters, and have been making the most of it by rugging up and going on some magnificent winter walks through the countryside. There is nothing better than a brisk wintery stroll followed by a hot bath, a warm fire and a big bowl of delicious soup. To our northern hemisphere friends and followers we hope you are having a beautiful warm summer and enjoying some lazy days in the sunshine.


12 comments on “Live: Snowy Winter Days, Victoria, Australia

  1. What beautiful pictures.

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  2. Very pretty snowscapes.


  3. Lovely winter days. I didn’t know that that there is so much snowfall in Victoria!

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  4. Love seeing your wintry scenes. On my birthday 2 days ago I was walking into the ocean at Iona Beach by Vancouver BC airport – having a brief oceanside experience with my guy & my daughter. I baked my own birthday cake for munching after baked chicken & salad.

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  5. very surreal to see snow when it’s so damn hot over here in SoCal! When I lived in Buffalo New York, we got 7 feet in a day one year. So. I moved to Southern California because no one needs that much snow!

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  6. First of all, very nice pictures. Lots of absolutely gorgeous trees there. ❤
    Second, congratulations on the snow. I'm glad you're enjoying it. 🙂
    Third,if snow there is rare, does that mean you've never gone sledding, skiing, or snowboarding? :O


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