Live: Winter Sunsets, Australia

Not only have we been lucky enough to have a sprinkling of beautiful snow this winter, we have also had some of the most magnificent sunsets. The sky has lit up in all shades of red, pink and fiery orange, brightening up the cold winter landscape. Often the beautiful colours are disappearing before we have a chance to take pictures however we managed to capture the shots below which were all taken in Victoria, Australia.


14 comments on “Live: Winter Sunsets, Australia

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! 😊

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  2. Gorgeous photos!

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  3. Amazing skies! We get some beautiful sunsets here in San Diego as well. The magic hour!

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  4. Tremayne

    Stunning we sure do live in a beautiful part of the world

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  5. The sky is on fire, beautiful

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  6. Beautiful captures!

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  7. Absolutely breathtaking sunsets. Love them!

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  8. oh my god .. so places like this do exist .!!!!!!! loving this one .

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  9. WOW!! …..nothing more to say:):):):)

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  10. Australia is such a beautiful place – it’s time I visited again 🙂

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