Live: Paris in the Fall

While there is no bad time to visit Paris, early fall is one of our favourite times to explore this glorious city. The crowds are thinner, the weather is cooler and everything is still open. The beautiful trees and gardens become a riot of autumnal colours and there is nothing more perfect than enjoying a croissant and hot chocolate at one of the many outdoor terrace cafes. It is the perfect time to dress like a Parisian by adding a scarf and chic trench coat to your holiday wardrobe. We will be adding new posts on this beautiful city in the coming weeks including our Paris shopping guide, dining reviews and our favourite must-visit destinations. 


14 comments on “Live: Paris in the Fall

  1. Wow! Amazing pictures! I love Paris, but I’ve always visited it during the summer. I have to go there in the fall (which is also my favourite season so).

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  2. amazing autumn photos! Paris is :*


  3. Beautiful pictures! Where did you take the fourth one from the top?

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  4. Adore the photos. I must go in the autumn…only been in the early summer months.

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  5. I’m surprised to see the fall colours already in Paris. It has been so warm in France that the leaves have barely changed here yet.

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  6. Thanks for the Follow! I love your photos! Can’t wait to read and see more.

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  7. Fantastic! I want to be there!

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  8. I love it! I went there years ago, and your post makes me want to go back. Looking forward to future posts.

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  9. Reblogged this on Running to Zen and commented:
    I would adore living in Paris! Especially in the fall!

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  10. Absolutely gorgeous!

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