Live: Beautiful Bougainvillea 

A recent trip to Spain’s Balearics Islands renewed our love affair with bougainvillea. This thorny creeper puts on the most spectacular display of flowers in warm climates and makes a dramatic statement against plain white walls and otherwise non-descript backgrounds. All species do best in warm to hot climates and flower from spring through to autumn. Once they are established they need little attention however they can grow into a rather thorny mess if not controlled and pruned in autumn to remove old flowers. They are starting to bloom here in Australia as we enter spring so we will luckily be able to enjoy these glorious blooms once again.


12 comments on “Live: Beautiful Bougainvillea 

  1. gorgeous photos! I have a soft spot for bougainvilleas 🙂

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  2. Absolutely stunning pic’s. I love the beauty of bougainvillea 🙂

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  3. Gorgeous images! Earlier this month I struggled to get a good shot of bougainvillea in Central Texas – they were splendid with late-afternoon sunlight shining through them – and I just could NOT get the camera to acknowledge the full beauty I was beholding. Your images here (the ones with light coming through petals) do these beauties justice. Thank you for posting these!

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  4. Wonderful, love the colour.

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  5. I love bougainvillea! It’s one of my favorite plants. Here in Mexico, there are bougainvillea everywhere too, of shades of colors. So lovely!

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  6. I love these pics! Beautiful!

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  7. Bougainvilleas are so beautiful–always a treat in Hawaii.

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  8. These are my favourite flowers! Gorgeous photos!

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