Live: Summer Roses (and tips to keep them flowering through autumn)

Summer is in full swing in Australia and everywhere you look there are stunning roses out in bloom.  While roses are a fairly hardy shrub, here are a few tips to keeping the flowering beautifully through to autumn.

  1. Roses need a light mid-summer prune to remove deadheads and encourage new growth, prune as if you are picking the stems for cut flowers.
  2. Give roses a deep soak once a week in high summer when there is little or no rain.
  3. Roses newly planted will need a little more water in their first season as they establish their roots.
  4. Keep roses mulched to lock in soil moisture and smother weeds.
  5. Keep humidity down by watering the roots (not the leaves) and make sure there is good air circulation around each shrub.
  6. Most importantly, enjoy these beautiful blooms! 


5 comments on “Live: Summer Roses (and tips to keep them flowering through autumn)

  1. Thanks for the info. I have a rosebush I’ve been nursing along for two years. Last year Japanese beetles tried to eat them up. It is winter here now so I’m looking forward to spring and flowers blooming. I love roses but they are a lot of trouble.

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  2. Beautiful

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  3. EscaNutrition

    Truly wonderful pictures.

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