Live: Growing Beautiful Hydrangeas

The summer garden wouldn’t be the same without hydrangeas. These old-fashioned shrubs have made a resurgence in recent years but for us they never really went out of fashion. When planting hydrangeas think position, position, position- they need a semi-shade spot away from the harsh afternoon sun and strong, hot winds. Other golden rules are to water deeply and regularly through summer (leaves will start to droop telling you its time to water), apply a liquid fertiliser in spring and autumn and mulch year round to protect roots. The colour of these spectacular blooms will alter depending on the soil – more acidic soils produce blue blooms, alkaline soil produce red, pink and purple whereas white will stay white regardless of the soil. Following a few simple rules will reward you with beautiful blooms every summer.


10 comments on “Live: Growing Beautiful Hydrangeas

  1. I love them! 🙂

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  2. They really are beautiful. Gorgeous photos.

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  3. There have been a lot of really beautiful ones this year.

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  4. Can never go wrong with Hydrangea and old world roses… and daylilies, lots and lots and lots of daylilies too 🙂 Very beautiful blue, I’m going to attempt to grow the blue H this year.

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  5. Love hydrangeas, planted one last year and hoping for a full bloom of loveliness this year. Beautiful photos on this post 😍

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  6. Baking with Soul

    WOW these are so incredible, I just love hydrangeas!

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  8. I love your blog! I too am an avid gardener, and because my gardens are shaded by oak trees, hydrangeas take all of the glory!

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