Live: Exploring Country Dahlias – Wichelsea, Australia 

About 5km from Winchelsea in rural Victoria, Australia is a farm that is home to Australia’s largest collection of dahlias. Over 2000 dahlia varieties are grown at the property, lovingly tended to by Jenny Parish, a specialist dahlia grower. Every year, for a few weeks in early autumn, the farm is open to the public to view and inspect the dahlias. For any dahlia lover to be able to see so many varieties in one place is well worth the trip. Orders for can be made when you visit and tubers are dispatched in early October to mid-November ready for planting in the summer garden. For more information visit Country Dahlias


12 comments on “Live: Exploring Country Dahlias – Wichelsea, Australia 

  1. I love dahlias, would so like to visit this farm.

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  2. Omw ! Absolute beauty ! Great pics 🙂

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  3. So colorful, and the pictures are just beautiful!! 🙂

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  4. Julie Skinner

    Beautiful. Even more dahlias than in Monet’s garden.

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  5. Wow! Beautiful farm 😊

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  6. O my gosh such lovely flowers! So beautiful. Ty you for sharing such captivating photos in this post.

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  7. Oh wow, I wish I could visit there. Beautiful photos.

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  8. Love the photo with the bench! Great post!

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  9. Beautiful. I never knew so many dahlia varieties were cultivated!

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