Live: The Best Places to See Autumn Leaves in Australia

Autumn is in full swing in Australia and while the northern parts of the country are still enjoying warm, tropical weather in the south and cool mountain regions, the leaves have started to turn putting on a stunning display of fall colours. These are are favourite places to experience the turning of the leaves.

Mount Macedon, Victoria

Less than an hour north of Melbourne, the tiny hamlet of Mount Macedon is awash with stunning autumn colours and open gardens where you can see beautiful autumn leaves in all of their glory.

Bright, Victoria

In Victoria’s alpine region the pretty town of Bright, situated on the Ovens River, is one of the most popular places in the country to experience autumn while enjoying the brisk mountain air and the numerous hiking and cycling trails in the area.

Dandenong Ranges, Victoria

With so much to see and do, the Dandenong Ranges east of Melbourne is the perfect day trip from the capital to views the changing fall colours.

Southern Highlands, NSW

In the NSW southern highlands, the picturesque towns of Bowral and Mittagong are an easy day trip from Sydney and are ablaze with pretty autumn colours.


Tasmania, an isolated island off the southern coast of Australia,  is ruggedly beautiful at any time of the year but in Autumn it truly comes alive, putting on a spectacular display of red, orange and golden hues.


5 comments on “Live: The Best Places to See Autumn Leaves in Australia

  1. It always seems so odd that our seasons are completely opposite. Thank you for sharing. I will never get to Australia, so I really appreciate your sharing your country!

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    • Thanks for your comment, I agree it does seem strange the seasons are so opposite. I love reading all of the blogs on northern hemisphere spring at the moment – even though we are heading towards winter!


  2. The autumn colours are just gorgeous!

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  3. Beautiful photographs!

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  4. Talha Ishaq


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