Live: Winter in Australia

It is the middle of winter in Australia and while we were blessed with beautiful cool sunny days at the start of the season it has finally turned icy cold with plenty of frost and rain on the way. We love the misty landscape first thing in the morning and a long walk through the countryside before returning home to a crackling fire and cups of hot, warming tea. Whichever season you are experiencing now we hope you are enjoying it.


14 comments on “Live: Winter in Australia

  1. Stunning photographs!

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  2. That’s a lot of beautiful sunlight for winter!

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  3. Your winter shots are just gorgeous. Makes me wish I was there in front of the fireplace and smelling the cold air with a piping hot cuppa tea.

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  4. How cold does it get? Photos are gorgeous — looks more like my idea of fall!

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    • Hi, down in the south it’s gets cold but we rarely get snow – maybe once a year a light smattering, up North it’s hot all year and around the mountains there are snowfields!

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  5. Incredible photographs!

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  6. God this is beautiful!!!

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  7. Wow! Such a beautiful place. My mother-in-law always wanted to visit there.

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  8. Reblogged this on DrWeb's Domain and commented:
    Down under, Winter.. great photos!

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  9. saucyanchor

    I’m heading over to Australia in November 2018. I’m guessing it won’t look like this then!

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  10. glutenfreelady

    Beautiful pictures!

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  11. These pictures are so beautiful!

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