Escape: Summer in Australia

Summer is well and truly in full swing in Australia. Lazy afternoons swimming in the ocean, warm nights dining al fresco and endless days with no work or school are perfect to recover after a hectic festive season. Wherever you are in the world, in the hot Southern Hemisphere or the cool north, we hope you are enjoying a peaceful and relaxing start to 2018.


5 comments on “Escape: Summer in Australia

  1. AMAZING pictures and they capture the Australian vibe so accurately. You made me wanna return to visit again!


  2. Beautiful Aussie sunshine while other countries are having a real cold winter! 😁


  3. Wish we could beam over to your sunny beaches – it’s a record-breaking 1 degree here (-17 Celsius) in Williamsburg, Virginia! 💨❄️💨☀️😎☀️

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  4. beyondthefjords

    I’ve been itching to get to Australia! It has been an idea for the last couple of weeks! These pictures are beautiful! I’m going to need to look at your other posts about Australia and then I’ll definitely be all in!

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