Live: Mid – Summer Roses

A second flourish of roses has just started blooming in the ELE summer garden. The beautiful peach, apricot and pale pink blooms are filling the garden with the most beautiful scent and colour. We find that a light prune of rose bushes throughout summer and constant deadheading will ensure you get beautiful flowers all through the season.


16 comments on “Live: Mid – Summer Roses

  1. I love roses. Your photo’s are beautiful ! x

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  2. Those are truly gorgeous!

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  3. So very beautiful! These roses made my day – thank you.

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  4. Absolutely beautiful! it snowed here last night and we are at -5 degrees Fahrenheit. Although we are hosting the Superbowl today, but I would rather be in your gardens!

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  5. Beautiful roses! Thank you for sharing.


  6. wow these are gorgeous. fresh flowers, one of my favorite things. great photos

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  7. great natural light rose photography…here in the depths of winter the sight is heartening.

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