5 Of The Best Bikinis For Every Style

Choosing a bikini shouldn’t be hard work! From classic to feminine and everything in between, no matter style you like there is a bikini to suit everyone! See 5 of the best bikinis for every style, we are sure you will find something that you love.

1. The Classic Bikini

The classic bikini exudes timeless elegance and simplicity. Its design is all about clean lines and uncluttered aesthetics, focusing on solid colors and straightforward silhouettes. A classic bikini typically consists of a triangle top paired with low-rise, hip-hugging bottoms. The color palette for this style is usually neutral, with shades like white, solid black or navy being popular choices. The beauty of the classic bikini lies in its minimalist design, ensuring that you never go out of style. It’s a versatile choice that exudes understated sophistication, making it perfect for those who appreciate enduring fashion appeal.

Bikini Saturdays Serena Bikini in White
Bikini Saturdays Savannah Bikini in Midnight

On-Trend Bikinis

For the fashion-forward who always want to stay ahead of the curve, an on-trend bikini is the go-to choice. This style thrives on incorporating current fashion trends and patterns into swimwear designs. On-trend bikinis feature interesting details with trendy elements like strappy details, along with cheeky-cut bottoms. When it comes to patterns and colors, think bold and daring – tropical palm leaf prints, animal prints, vibrant neon hues or shimmer fabrics. Choosing an on-trend bikini ensures you remain at the forefront of beach fashion, allowing you to express your adventurous and contemporary style.

Bikini Saturdays Ruby Set in Rose

Feminine Bikini

The feminine bikini celebrates delicate details, soft colors, and an overall romantic vibe. This style appeals to those who love to infuse their swimwear with a touch of femininity. A typical feminine bikini showcases ruffled accents on both the top and bottoms, creating a flirty and charming look. Colors tend to be pastel and gentle, such as blush pink, lavender, mint green or classic white. By choosing a feminine bikini, you can embrace your graceful and elegant side while exuding a sense of timeless charm.

The Glamorous Bikinis

For those who want to make a grand entrance and bask in Hollywood-style glamour by the water, the glamorous bikini is the ultimate choice. This style is all about extravagance, featuring eye-catching elements like metallic accents, sequins, interesting cuts or shimmering fabrics. Glamorous bikinis often come in halter or bandeau top styles paired with high-waisted bottoms for a vintage touch. When it comes to colors, think opulent shades like gold, silver, or deep jewel tones. A glamorous bikini is designed to capture attention and make you feel like a bona fide superstar, ensuring you shine both in and out of the water.

Bikini Saturdays Gigi Bikini in Green Delicious
Bikini Saturdays

Boho Bikini

If your fashion sense is free-spirited and inspired by bohemian aesthetics, a boho bikini perfectly aligns with your style. This style embraces eclectic prints, relaxed silhouettes, and a carefree vibe. A typical boho bikini comprises a triangle top adorned with crochet detailing and tie-side, flowy bottoms for that quintessential boho look. The pattern choices for this style are diverse, including paisley, tie-dye, and tribal motifs. By opting for a boho bikini, you can effortlessly channel your inner hippie while enjoying the sun and surf, radiating a sense of boho chic that’s both relaxed and fashion-forward.

Bikini Saturdays Brooklyn Bikini

So no matter what style you love, there really is a bikini for you, now bring on the summer sunshine!

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