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Live: Growing Beautiful Wisteria Plants (and top tips to keep them flowering year after year)

We are having a small obsession with wisteria at the moment, this beautiful spring flowering plant is in full bloom everywhere we look in the south of Australia and it is hard not to be captivated by its beauty and sweet fragrance.  While wisteria isn’t difficult to grow there are some tips and tricks to keep it healthy and flowering year after year.

  1. Plant wisteria in autumn and spring and choose a sunny position with fertile, well-draining moist soil.
  2. Wisteria are rapid climbers so make sure the position you choose has some type of support structure – a fence, verandah or arbour works beautifully.  Wisteria can also be trained to grow in a lollipop or standard shape in a pot if you have limited space,  just choose a large pot and make sure you cut back new shoots from its main stem until you have it at the height you want it. Attaching the plant to a sturdy metal pole structure will also help to keep it in place and keep the plant secure as it becomes established.
  3. Young wisteria can take a number of years to flower so to encourage flowers give your wisteria a regular feed of a liquid fertiliser that is high in potash from late winter through until the end of summer.
  4. Wisteria are best pruned first in summer after the plant has finished flowering and then again in autumn (lighter prune).  Once your wisteria is mature a heavy prune in summer is ideal to keep the plant looking its best and to keep it from taking over the garden.
  5. Wisteria are fairly hardy and are usually free from pests and diseases once they are established, however if you are growing them in a pot make sure you keep them watered and fertilised and ensure the soil is well drained.

Following these simple tips should have you enjoying your beautiful old-world wisteria blooms year after year.

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4 comments on “Live: Growing Beautiful Wisteria Plants (and top tips to keep them flowering year after year)

  1. Stunning! I was never able to get one bloom in over 10 years with my vines. Someone told me there are male and female plants but I have no real idea what the problem was.

    • eatliveescape

      Thanks! They can be a bit tricky with their flowers, try the potash fertiliser it might help!

  2. One of my favorites! They’re so beautiful!

  3. So beautiful to see spring there!

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