9 Footwear Tends for 2023

The key footwear trends of 2023 so far are variety! Each shoe that has made an impression on the runway is unique and designers are breaking all of the trend rules. We have put together a guide on the shoes to know about now.

Matching Heels with a Bodycon Dress

If you love wearing a bodycon dress, you’ll be pleased to know that they are still very much in fashion. But make sure you have the right heels for them or any mini you are wearing. The trend for shoes to pair with these outfits is larger than life, clunky platform heels.

Knee-high Boots

Knee-high boots have made the list of footwear to own have this year. They are versatile, you can wear them with a midi dress or a miniskirt. You can also wear them with leather pants or denim. The heel size makes no difference. It can be low or high, thin or chunky.

Kitten Heels

Did you know originally kitten heels were for adolescent girls who needed a slight heel without dressing inappropriately and who were learning to walk in high heels. Now they are making a big comeback in 2023 for all women. The key to wearing them correctly is to go for a sexy but fresh look, or pair them back with work attire.

More Boot Options

Another boot trend is heavy boots this season. They may not be the most comfortable footwear around, but admittedly, they do look great teamed with a long leg exposure. It is not clear how you walk in them without getting exhausted. Indeed, there is a phrase, ‘heavy boots’, that indicates feeling down, but it is not clear if this is what this fashion trend meant to convey. However, you definitely are sure to feel the heaviness when you don a pair!

Toe Rings

Not toe rings like in the nineties, but toe ring shoes are huge in 2023. Your big toe is covered in a ring that is an integral part of these sandals. You can wear them with any outfit that calls for sandals.

And More Boots!

Boots are definitely trending with almost an option for every style of dress. This set of boots are heavily adorned thigh-high footwear as well as some mid-calf brands. They are brightly decked with anything from pearls and rhinestones to studs and chains. Make your statement with these decorated boots and claim the attention you deserve.

Strap Your Legs In

Strap your legs in with the latest strappy heeled sandals. Designed to highlight gorgeous feet and legs, these shoes will definitely get you noticed. The look is elegant and sexy.


Sneakers have made their way into the 2023 trending headlines with exciting new color combos. New Balance sneakers by Salehe Bembury make the case in peacock greens and blues. Visit for a preview.

Transparent Shoes

You might not be able to see them clearly, but transparent shoes are in. Wearing these heeled shoes will give you the appearance of being barefoot except for the angle of the foot. They make legs look longer and leaner and are perfect for summer.

Overall, the best footwear this year is the shoes that flatter you and you feel great in – rules don’t apply!

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