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Building Your First Website? Here Are Some Tips

Ready to start your own business and build your first website but not sure where to begin? Read our tips now and get your web journey underway.

Building a website today has become infinitely easier with the number of resources available to help you. Much like starting a side hustle as an Instagram influencer, many of the tools that can help you are readily available but more importantly, easy to use.

In addition to convenience, many online website-building tools are budget-friendly or completely free! Even with the rising cost of living, you can definitely create your own site without breaking the bank, as we discussed in ‘5 Tips to Beat Rising Costs‘. 

Whether you’re looking to make a personal blog, a business website, or an e-commerce platform, many drag-and-drop website builders are available to create and customize your site based on your unique needs. To help decide on the perfect website builder best for you, it’s worth checking out this helpful guide to the best website builders by Namechk, to get some actionable tips about which suits your own personal needs. 

Once you’ve picked out a website builder that works for you, where do you start? Here are some tips for building your first website.

Align your site goals with you own

Before getting started on any of your site’s features and functions, it’s important to plan out what elements you’ll need based on your objectives. This will help you to understand your brand identity, which will shape the way your site will look aesthetically. For example, Apple was named among Interbrand’s ‘Best Global Brands of 2022’ because it has consistently produced quality products over the last year, and showcased a commitment to understanding their consumers’ needs. 

Similarly, your own site should display features that will showcase who you are and what you do to the highest quality possible. 

Pick the right visuals

With the countless themes and templates available on website builders, you can find ones that are appropriate for your site’s goals. Everything in your site’s design is an extension of your brand identity. Your brand identity must be showcased in every element in your site’s design, according to Investopedia.

If the site you’re creating is a blog, for example, look for a theme that includes blogging features. On the other hand, if you’re creating an online store, you may want to look for templates with a more professional look. One of the best website builder options is Squarespace, which has over a hundred sophisticated templates that are optimized both for desktop and mobile use with a series of useful plugins available. 

Utilize additional tools

If the website builder you choose includes even more tools, make the most out of your plan by utilizing the ones that are relevant to your goals. Creating an online store, for example, can be made more convenient with built-in payment integrations and e-commerce plans. One that comes highly recommended in this category is GoDaddy’s web builder.

Make it secure

One last aspect to consider is security. Websites need to be secure, so look for a website builder that offers enhanced security features. If your site is secure it will help build trust among your community, so look for website builders such as Square Online who have a good reputation for being extremely secure. 

So get started today and create the website of your dreams!

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