Forget the Critics, Daisy Jones and the Six is What You Need to Binge Right Now

Daisy Jones and the Six: The Must-Watch Show You Need to Stream Now.

Sepia hues, gloriously beautiful people, catchy music and a wardrobe that screams bring back the 70s, Daisy Jones and the Six is the sweet, sweet dose of whiskey laced lemonade you need in your life right now. Adapted from the novel by Taylor Jenkins-Reid, the ten-episode series follows the rise and fall of a fictional iconic band that captured the hearts of millions.

Set against the backdrop of 1970s Los Angeles, Daisy Jones and the Six is a feast for the senses. From the stylish wardrobes to the music, every detail is designed to bring you back to the glory days of 70s rock music. The story revolves around The Six, an up-and-coming band from Pittsburgh, and their fateful encounter with Daisy Jones, a free-spirited singer-songwriter from LA. As their world’s collide they create music that resonates with a generation and takes them to the pinnacle of fame, before it comes crashing back down around them.

This show is not just about the glitz and glam of the music industry. It delves deep into the complexities of human relationships, exploring themes such as love, loss, addiction, and betrayal. The characters are flawed, raw, and real, making it impossible not to empathize with them. Elvis’ granddaughter Riley Keough is a standout as the often unlikeable Daisy Jones (she’s been on our radar since The Girlfriend Experience), capturing both Daisy’s vulnerability and her steely determination. Sam Claflin’s Billy Dunne is the epitome of a tortured rock star. Together they cause a whirlwind of chaos and pain for those around them.

Billy’s wife Camila Alvarez (Camila Morrone) provides a much-needed source of stability in his tumultuous rock star life. Morrone’s calming nature and understated acting style make her the perfect choice for the role. The rest of the cast also shines with Suki Waterhouse (Karen), Sebastian Chacon (Warren), Josh Whitehouse (Eddie), and Will Harrison as Graham rounding out the band (fun fact – the cast members actually played the instruments in the series). Timothy Olyphant plays tour manager Rod Reyes, Tom Wright is wonderful as Teddy Price, and Nabiyah Be plays Daisy’s best friend and disco queen Simone Jackson to perfection.

If you have read the critic reviews you could be forgiven for thinking that this adaptation isn’t worth your time but while the dialogue may not be perfect and there are some questionable ‘20-years later’ looks on the cast, Daisy Jones really is a fun, hedonistic escape for anyone who loves good music and an impossible love story.

With the soundtrack that has already been streamed tens of millions of times it appears that it isn’t just us who are invested in the whole 70s vibe.

Tainted love, addiction, loss and fame, Daisy Jones and the Six is the champagne swigged direct from the bottle that you need in your life immediately.

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