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Friday Night Campari Cocktails From Melbourne’s Lily Blacks And Capitano

Friday night is a chance to relax and let your hair down a little and what better way then to create a delicious cocktail at home?

Iconic venues across Melbourne have been crafting new and creative twists on classic Campari cocktails to celebrate Campari’s Red Passion campaign.

Taking on the art form of mixology, bartenders Will Sleeman from Capitano, Cal Armstrong from Lily Blacks, explored their ‘Red Passion’ by revealing unique and unexpected menus inspired by the iconic bitter red aperitif.

Campari has always been at the forefront of cocktail culture, inspiring limitless creations since its birth in 1860. The famous liquid has always supported the arts from world-famous names such as Fellini and Sorrento to young and emerging artists.

These delicious cocktails can be enjoyed at home or head in to Lily Blacks or Capitano for the full Melbourne bar scene experience.

Lily Blacks Nuclear Banana Bird

Lily Blacks brings 1920s’ vintage glamour to Melbourne’s Meyers Place with its Art Deco accents and dapper bartenders serving up some of the most inventive concoctions alongside iconic pre-Prohibition cocktails.

Bartender Cal Armstrong crafts a Campari-inspired menu filled with cocktails like his twist on the classic Garibaldi and the Nuclear Banana Bird. Want to experience it yourself? Head to https://www.lilyblacks.com.au/reservations

Nuclear Banana Bird 


20ml Campari

30ml cognac

10ml rum

40ml fresh pineapple juice

5ml gomme or sugar syrup

Cocktail shaker

Rocks glass


1. Add the Campari, cognac, rum, pineapple juice and gomme to a cocktail shaker and shake up.

2. Pour into a rocks glass over plenty of ice.

To take the drink to pro level, you could top it up with a Reduced Campari, Limoncello and pomegranate foam…this is Lily Black’s little secret.

Capitano’s Blackberry Americano

Carlton institution Capitano is inspired by the Italian-American eateries in New York, yet is undeniably Melbourne with its dark red and ivory interiors, Art Deco fixtures, and unfussy menu.

Award-winning bartender Will Sleeman crafted an exclusive Campari-inspired menu including The Blackberry Americano, Fluffy Strawberry Spritz, and Pera Negroni – just a few of the limited-edition cocktails available to taste.

Blackberry Americano


40ml Bitter Campari

75ml Blackberry infused 1757 Rosso Vermouth (infused overnight)

25ml Tea Syrup (mixing equal parts tea and sugar)

100ml Soda Water

Pinch of salt

Highball glass


1. Add all ingredients into an iced filled highball glass and gently stir to combine.

2. Garnish with orange wedge and a fresh blackberry.

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