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Garden Design Themes That Will Wow Your Neighbours

Are you ready to upgrade your garden so that it stands head and shoulders above the rest? They often say that your garden should be viewed as an extension of your home décor, so it makes sense to take your time planning the designs you want to bring to life. While it’s important to consider practical elements such as seating, tables or barbecues, think about how you can match this to the garden design of choice, so that you don’t lose the visuals you’re working towards. Without further ado, here are some beautiful garden designs to help you get the ball rolling.

English Cottage Garden

Cottagecore had an unexpected resurgence during the pandemic, and while the trend may come and go when it comes to clothing and interior design, it certainly won’t go out of style in your garden. Typical characteristics include soft, pastel-coloured flowers, a floral scent that fills the air and vintage pots that add a spot of character. Think romantic, rustic and whimsical – all rolled up into one garden bursting with colour and flourishing plants.

Japanese Zen Garden

If your goal is to create a calming outdoor space with a design that reflects this, you could take inspiration from traditional Japanese zen gardens. They’re typically low maintenance and feature seating so that you can immerse yourself in the space and be at one with nature. It’s common for these garden designs to feature pebbles and rocks, but minimal plants to keep the space calm and harmonious. Some might add to this tranquillity with soft lighting using decorative solar lanterns, while others might add a stepping-stone pathway.

Modern Minimalistic Garden

So-called ‘relaxed minimalism’ has been all the rage in interior design, but how does this translate to someone’s garden? The premise centres around simplicity, and open spaces while leaning into contemporary designs. Aesthetic garden furniture that’s been carefully selected will help to tie the space together. There’s often a big focus on neutral, muted colour palettes such as spring blossom colours, for example. There’s also a focus on low maintenance with this garden design, with open spaces so that there isn’t any overcrowding.

Formal French Garden

French gardens with a floral flourish are timeless in their design. They incorporate a variety of textures, classic vintage-style furniture, and rustic plant pots or sculptures. The goal here to is to add a touch of elegance. This can be done with geometric shapes, which can be explored using furniture and ceramic details. It’s also common to get experimental with topiary, which can be done using a variety of shapes, from cones to balls. Something to note is that thus garden design can be higher maintenance, however, if you love gardening, you’ll get great satisfaction from the end result!

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