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How To Add Class To Your Kitchen

When you want to up the value of your home or simply want to make the space classier, one of the key areas you will focus your attention on is the kitchen. As many realtors will tell you, the kitchen has the ability to make or break the flow of a house. So, if you have a fancy living area and dining room but a kitchen that needs a makeover, it can ruin how people perceive your home. It’s not ideal if you are looking to sell it! In this article will look at some of the best ways that you can add class to your kitchen space.

Stone Tiles

Starting at the floor, you will want to jazz it up if it looks a bit shabby or dirty. So, if you want a higher-end look, it is worth investing in some stone tiles. For kitchens, the most popular options are granite, slate, and limestone.

For the most part, stone tiles will require basic care, such as a gentle clean with mild dish soap and sealing about once a year, making them a worthwhile investment in your home. For more information about installing quality limestone tiles or sandstone flooring, click here.

Install A Skylight

A kitchen is not a space that should be dark. This is why so many people in 2023 have opted to install pendant lights in their kitchens and why under-cabinet lighting has made a comeback!

If you have a part of your kitchen that is exposed, it can be worth having a skylight put in. This will allow natural light and, on a rainy day, will also be a pretty feature to have in your kitchen. Depending on where you live, you may need to get permission to have a skylight fitted, so seek this first before booking a contractor.

New Countertops

Much like the flooring, stone countertops can really add a luxurious feel to your kitchen space. There are many types of stone countertops that you can invest in, such as the aforementioned granite and slate, but if you have the excess, why not invest in marble? That is a look that will never go out of style and will add instant class to the kitchen. If you want the look of marble without the price tag, quartz is a versatile and pretty stone to have installed.

Add Some Bold Colour-Sparingly!

The days are gone when every wall in a kitchen needs to be bright green or red. In 2023, many people are choosing to have focal points installed in their kitchens. For most, this will be a single wall that has one colour. The colour you choose is up to you, but make sure it matches the feel of the kitchen.

Larger Handles

Onto the fixtures and fittings of your kitchen, if you feel that the drawers and cabinets need a bit of an uplift, it can be worth removing the old handles and replacing them with bolder handles. Why not go bigger? Why not try different colours? If you have a theme in your kitchen that is white and black, why not add a striking feature, such as large, gold handles? It could transform the entire look of the cabinet and add that finishing touch to a classy kitchen.

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