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How To Double Cleanse Your Skin

Curious about how to double cleanse you skin? Read on!

Double cleansing takes a little more time in your skincare regime, but it is the key to beautifully cleansed skin, particularly if you wear makeup during the day. Read our tips on how to double cleanse effectively below.

1. Double cleanse at night

Double cleanse at night only, your skin will only require a single cleanse in the morning as it should be make-up free and still relatively clean from the previous night’s cleanse.

2. Cleanse 1

Use a cleansing milk, oil or balm for your first cleanse. This will help to melt off makeup and sunscreen and will gently remove oils and dirt. An oil-based cleanser will also help with the balance of oil in your skin. Remove with damp cotton pads or a wash cloth.

3. Cleanse 2

Use a foam or gel cleanser for your second cleanse to get your skin perfectly cleansed ahead of your serum or moisturiser applications. It’s important not to use a foam or gel cleanser for both steps as this may strip the skin of essential oils and moisture. Your second cleanse should be when you use any active cleansers that are designed to treat and prep your skin.

4. Use lukewarm water

Use lukewarm water when you cleanse your skin, not hot or cold water, in order to avoid drying out your skin too much. The key is to be gentle with your cleansing and avoid harsh water temperatures and scrubbing.

5. Moisturise

Always use a moisturiser after you cleanse to keep you skin hydrated and plump, your serums and moisturisers will penetrate the skin better after a double cleanse.

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