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How To Grow Apple Trees

If you have space in your garden, growing an apple tree can be so rewarding. The most important thing about growing apples is the location. Apple trees need a full sun position, cold winters, good drainage and companion trees to really thrive. You can expect apple trees to fruit after 3-4 years. Read our tips on how to grow apple trees at home.

Location, Location, Location

Plant apple trees in winter. Choose a location with well-draining soil and full sun. To plant your tree, dig a whole that is twice as wide as the tree roots and as deep as the trees roots. Fill the hole with soil and water in deeply. Most apple varieties will need a cold winter in order to thrive so check with your local nursery before choosing your apple tree variety. Dwarf apple tree varieties can be planted in large pots and located in a sunny position, perfect for a courtyard or sunny balcony.


Spread a layer of pea straw mulch or wood chips and make sure that the mulch is about 6 inches away from the trunk of the trees to prevent trapping rot-causing moisture on the trunk.

Water and Nutrition

When they are young, apple trees should be watered deeply once a week and twice a week in summers. Fertilise with an organic fertiliser or compost in spring. When trees are young go easy on the fertiliser, more mature plants will be able to tolerate more fertilisation.

Pruning and Care

Apple trees will go dormant in winter which make it the best time to prune. When your apple tree is fruiting make sure you pick up fallen fruit to deter pests and other fruit tree diseases. Depending on where you are located you may also need to net fruit trees to protect them from birds.

Apples Love Friends

Apple trees grow best when another apple variety is grown nearby to cross pollinate. Some varieties will not fruit if they don’t have another tree nearby so make sure you check with your nursery when you purchase your apple tree.

There is nothing better than baking with apples! See our delicious apple recipes here.

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