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How To Keep Your Hair Hydrated In Winter by Mr. Smith Creative Director, Freda Rossidis

As the chilly winds and artificial heating of winter take their toll, our hair often bears the brunt, leaving it feeling dry and brittle. Just like in the scorching summer months, winter requires our careful attention when it comes to keeping our hair hydrated and healthy. Thankfully, Freda Rossidis, Creative Director at Mr.Smith comes to the rescue with her tried and tested tips for winter hair care. Her go-to solution? Washing less frequently, limited hot tool use and using the right products to combat the winter dryness. So say goodbye to dry, lifeless hair as you embrace a winter haircare regimen that pampers your locks, leaving them vibrant, revitalized, and ready to conquer the season.

Freda’s Winter Hair Care Tips

It’s just as important to keep your hair hydrated during winter as in summer, as the elements of artificial heating in the office or at home are drying and can cause the hair to feel dry and brittle. To keep your hair in the ultimate condition over the winter months, I recommend washing your hair with the Mr. Smith Hydrating Shampoo for the maximum moisture content, followed by the Mr. Smith Masque or Luxury Masque for 10-15 minutes. Rinse after use. This should be a regular part of your hair routine throughout the year, both in Winter and Summer.

Freda’s 5 Tips for Healthy Winter Hair

  1. Use a leave-in treatment daily to keep hair hydrated, and nourished and
    maintain its anti-humidifying properties.
  2. Use a beautiful hair serum (Mr. Smith Serum) for added shine and control for all hair types.
  3. Wash hair less frequently.
  4. Avoid using hot tools whenever possible.
  5. Ensure you massage conditioning treatments into your scalp as your scalp can also become dry and irritated due to the lack of moisture in the winter air and constantly changing temperatures.
Freda Rossidis

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