How To Get Hollywood Skin

From Hayley Bieber to Emma Watson, there is no doubt that celebrities are often known for their flawless Hollywood skin. From intensive treatments to laser and surgery, stars have a lot of resources at their fingertips to help them maintain their flawlessness.

Australian natural skincare founder Rina Timpano, the Cosmetic Alchemist behind Rinascentia® one of Australia’s most highly awarded beauty brands, has been invited to gift the top stars on Hollywood’s ‘Night of Nights’ in March this year. We thought we would ask her for her top tips to achieve the famous “Hollywood Glow” the natural way.

Choose the right products for your skin

The first goal is to get your skin into tip-top shape so it is always glowing with or without makeup. While many of us will be predisposed to a skin type – whether it be it dry, oily or combination, odds are you may experience some changes in your skin throughout the year, especially as the seasons change. Therefore my top tip is to be aware of your skin type and its fluctuations and use products designed to solve that problem.

For example if your skin is dry, you would want to use products with Hyaluronic acid which pulls moisture deep into the skin and sea kelp which has a probiotic in it that nurtures your skins microbiome. You may also want to put a natural oil onto your skin before jumping into hot shower to keep the moisture in.

If you have damaged skin or highly pigmented skin you will want to use a Vitamin C serum. Also look for moisturisers that include Vitamin B, animo acids and peptides to help heal your skin and support the vitamin C. You may need to change products up throughout the year to keep up with seasonal changes.

Go natural where you can

Your skin is your largest organ and what you put on to your skin absorbs into it. As such using natural ingredients where possibly is important as you don’t want to be absorbing a lot of chemicals and interfering with your delicate hormone balance.

Additionally, like with your diet, different ingredients can act as “nutrition” for your skin which is why changing up your routine and various ingredients and actives every so often can go a long when it comes to having flawless skin year round.

Protect your skin from the sun

The biggest killer of flawless skin is environmental factors such as the sun, our diets and the general elements that we expose our skin to. Wear a hat when you are outside and always wear natural sunscreen. Minimize alcohol consumption and try to not eat refined sugars all the time. Do what you can to keep your skin safe from the elements.

Use a GuaSha

Using an oil and a tool called a GuaSha regularly is a great way to promote blood circulation, improve fine lines and wrinkles, promote lymphatic drainage and relieve tension from the muscles in your face. It is such a simple but amazing tool that can make such a different to the appearance of your face. If you wake up feeling tired and puffy for example, it can help to flush out to puffiness and make you feel more energised. It is also a great natural solution for keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

Dab Divine Oleum over your makeup for an instant glow

You have been working on your skincare routine, your skin is looking flawless, but what can you do to enhance your look for a big event? Aside from choosing the right makeup (or make-up artist), one thing you should do is tab a little Divine Oleum over the top of your make up. This is our product that will be going into the Hollywood gift bags and it was also the winner of Gold and Editor’s Choice Awards in the Australian Non Toxic Awards 2020 and it won Silver and Editor’s Choice Clean and Conscious Awards 2021 and Gold and Editor’s Choice Clean and Conscious Awards 2022. This product is full of exotic spices and will not only give your skin a stunning, dewy glow, but it will also help your skin to feel relaxed soothed and refreshed. Dab it on lightly so you don’t remove your make up for a “Hailey Bierber-esk” look to remember.


More Ways to Use Divine Oleum

• Once you have finished styling your hair make sure to add some Divine Oleum to add a shiny glow

• Mix in with moisturiser for a dewy look

• Use to hydrate lips or add as a lip oil after makeup

• If you want that ‘no makeup, makeup look’ Divine Oleum would be an amazing eyelash serum to give you that healthy glow

• Use Divine Oleum as a body oil to get that radiant glow

Rina Timpano

Achieving glowing Hollywood skin is a combination of taking care of one’s skin from within, using the right products and following a consistent skincare routine. By incorporating habits such as staying hydrated, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and managing stress, you can nourish your skin from the inside out. Remember, flawless skin is a result of consistent effort and patience, so stick with a routine that works for you and enjoy your glowing complexion.

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