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Loot Review: Maya Rudolph Shines in Billion Dollar Comedy

From the Parks and Rec team comes a perfectly charming workplace comedy drama, Loot, with the fabulous Maya Rudolph.

Ever wondered what it might be like to have a billion dollars in the bank? How about $87 billion dollars?

In a tale as old as time tech-wife Molly (Maya Rudolph), finds herself traded in at age 45 for a much younger model by tech entrepreneur husband, John Novak (Adam Scott). Molly walks away from the marriage with an $87 billion dollar settlement and no idea what happens next in her life.

Molly hasn’t worked since college and is disconnected from the real world, cushioned by her billions and a team of staff to cater to her every whim. But as we all know (or at least as we are all told!), money doesn’t make you happy and being a billionaire really is a shallow and pointless pursuit when you have no one to share it with and no life purpose.

After partying her way around the world with her loyal and very stylish assistant, Nicholas (Joel Kim Booster in a role that he completely owns) Molly is reminded that she owns a charitable foundation and after a few false starts sets about giving her life purpose through the pursuit of helping others.

Enter a cast of supporting acts and the shift to an office place comedy drama as Molly navigates her new role in the foundation. Molly’s new co-workers include the stern and very earnest Sofia (played wonderfully by Michaela Jae Rodriguez) as the Executive Director of the foundation, sensible accountant (and we suspect Molly’s new love interest) Arthur (Nat Faxon at his finest) and her distant cousin Howard (the very funny Ron Funches).

Watching a billionaire try to navigate real life is made endearing with Maya at the helm, and you can’t help rooting for her to fulfill her life, find real connections and do something meaningful with her billions.

The series is feel-good, easy to watch and grazes the surface of real-world issues – which is about as much as we want to distract and entertain us at the moment.

Who will love it?

Fans of Parks & Rec, lovers of smart and warm comedies and anyone who enjoys an easy, lighthearted watch that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Bonus points if you love fashion – Molly and Nicholas’ over the top styling is full of print and colour and billionaire-worthy threads.

New episodes of Loot drop each Friday on Apple + TV and the 10 episode series has just been renewed for a second season.

Watch the trailer here and watch the series on Apple TV here.

Images: Apple TV and Instagram

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