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My Weekend with Nadean Richards, CEO and Co-Founder of One Fine Collective

Nadean Richards is the CEO and co-founder behind One Fine Collective, a leading omni-channel marketing platform and exhibition company, and a trusted source for two of life’s major milestones, wedding and babies. One Fine Collective is known for creating premier lifestyle exhibitions such as One Fine Baby Expo and One Fine Day Wedding Fair in Sydney and Melbourne and One Fine Day Bridal Market in New York and London. Nadean is also the founder or TOTTIE, a functional and stylish baby bag range.  We find out what a weekend in this busy mum-of-two’s life looks like.

Friday Night

Friday night I am usually exhausted and as soon as I pick the kids up from school and soccer training is done, it’s back to the house and into pajamas! There’s either a Margarita or Vodka and Fresh Lime in the vicinity and Netflix is on so we will spend half the night deliberating with my husband on what to watch, letting the kids have their iPads back for the weekend (not allowed during the week) and we all chill out together after a busy week. After I get the kids down to bed at about 8pm I will usually start winding down too and pickup my book and read for an hour or so and let’s be honest, scroll a bit of Instagram too!

Saturday AM

I think work is busy but come every Saturday morning it’s go-go-go for soccer or some type of sport! First up my daughter plays and as long as the times don’t clash we then race to my son’s game and lastly onto my husbands. We have a great club, so all the kids have friends at each game to play with and it’s a lot of fun. I’m usually pacing up and down the sidelines shouting some form of encouragement because I can’t help myself!

Saturday PM

This particular Saturday was abnormally hectic so after all the soccer games, we also squeezed in a trip to meet my new nephew who was a day old, we had a birthday party to go to for my daughter’s friend and then I had to race home and set up a party for my 10-year-old son who was having 10 boys to sleepover. Thank goodness for pre-made cakes at Coles, because I was able to make a Minecraft cake within 15 minutes (which surprisingly all the kids absolutely loved) and we managed to be set up in time for the party to start at 5:30pm. We had a games bus arrive at 6pm which the kids absolutely loved so whilst they enjoyed that, my friends and I were able to have a quiet dinner out the back! As soon as the bus was finished at 7:30pm my friends surprisingly scampered off home and I was left to watch the Matildas with my husband and the boys and coax them to sleep, which I absolutely failed at!

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Sunday AM

Given I was still awake at 4am, this particular Sunday was an early start. Normally it’s a sleep in and bath and my whole household chills out. Sundays are a non-negotiable family day. No work, no nothing! This Sunday started with checking out the devastation of our lounge room, and getting the pancakes, bacon and eggs out to the masses of boys! My husband and I divided and conquered, and the boys were all fed, packed up and out by 10am. We then went to support our friends who were in the Grand Final of soccer and I enjoyed the sunshine that we call winter!

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Sunday PM

Normally Sunday we wind down and we’re in our pajamas at 4pm (did I already say how much I love wearing pajamas on a weekend!??) This Sunday we had another wonderful celebration to mark my nephew’s 2nd birthday. We enjoyed a sausage sizzle and yummy cake with our two families (or clan as we call it) and made it home by 7pm. So, whilst this is not a particularly normal weekend, we do tend to pack all of the fun in with our family and friends whenever we can! Last job of the evening is to pack the lunches for the next morning and cut up all the fruit for the week ahead. Then it’s trawling through our dress up box for our book week costume and heading to bed for an early evening with my book and a hot chocolate and magnesium to wind me down!

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