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My Weekend with Jade Gillett, Co-Founder of Rainbow Studios

Jade Gillett is a co-founder, alongside Brent Gold, of Rainbow Studios a creative concept store located in the heart of Darlinghurst in Sydney, offering a curated collection of unique, one-of-a-kind items from a diverse array of established and emerging artists, designers, and artisans. We catch up with Jade and find out how she spends her weekends.

Friday Night

After closing up the showroom for the day, it’s either time for me to kick back and relax for the evening with Goldie and Button (Jade’s dog) or head out for a casual wine with the girls to catch up on our week’s activities.

Saturday AM

Saturday morning we will be up about 7am (Button doesn’t let us sleep in any later than that, even on weekends!) We will take her for a big run over at Rushcutters Park, or Kutty Beach. We’ll grab a coffee to go from our neighbours at Bills and enjoy a morning outside. We open RAINBOW STUDIOS at 10am to the public for them to currently view the amazing exhibition ‘Never Never Land’ by Melbourne Duo Gelbell We will also meet with our clients who have booked in for a Jewellery Design consultation for Goldie’s jewellery labels Henson and Gold and Henson.

Saturday PM

We close up the showroom at 2pm. we’ll take Button for another walk again (lucky thing!) then head to see our friends for a nice evening eating yummy food somewhere within our lovely neighbourhood. Our favourite spot for date night is Bistro 916 also making sure I don’t leave the house without wearing my favourite scent that we currently stock – Tonkade.

Sunday AM

It’s our day off and we will try our best to get out of the city for the day. We will jump in the car and drive to a dog friendly beach, one of our favourites is Pearl Beach which is just an hour and half drive outside of Sydney. Followed by a Sunday roast at our local pub The Unicorn.

Sunday PM

To prepare for another crazy week, I make sure to prioritise some much-needed self-care. My routine starts with a hot shower, where I pamper myself with my Bangin Body Scrub. Next up is a soothing face oil massage using the nourishing Lesse Face Oil, leaving my skin feeling calm and refreshed. I’m also exploring the practice of journaling each evening.

About Rainbow Studios

The visionary duo, Brent Gold and Jade Gillett, have created an interchangeable space that is visually striking, with a bold, energetic colour palette, and a mix of modern and retro mod design. The store also features a goldsmiths workshop, discreetly located beneath the shop floor, where custom jewellery is crafted, adding an additional layer of intrigue to the visitor’s experience. The store also offers a custom-based service in collaboration with established brother-sister jewellery brands, HENSON and Henson and Gold, where customers can create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery to wear every day and forever.

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