My Weekend with Luke McLeod, Founder of Soul Alive

As the founder of Soul Alive and mindfulness and mediatation expert, Luke McLeod knows a thing or two about how to relax and reconnect. We catch up with Luke and find out how he spends his downtime in beautiful Sydney, Australia.

Friday PM

Depending on how much work I have on, I’ll try to close the laptop by at least 5pm. I’ll usually go for a 30-minute run to sweat out any residual stress I’ve accumulated over the week from work. Then it’s chill time with the wife and doggo. We’ll usually order in either some sushi or Greek and watch a movie with a glass of wine. Unless there’s a good game of footy on, to which I’ll then beg and plead to watch that, haha.

Saturday AM

Up around 6:30am to train with my mates for an hour. Followed by a quick swim in the ocean to cool off and a 10-minute meditation on the beach. We’ll then usually go for a coffee and some brekky somewhere in Manly where I’ll meet up with the Mrs, grab the paper, and head back to the beach to read and relax.

Saturday PM

My wife and I have a fairly social life so one of our friends or family members will usually have something going on. Whether it be a dinner out somewhere, a birthday or a wedding to attend. On the weekends that we do have free, we might go out for a little dinner date or just chill out at home playing some board games. Settlers of Catan is our favorite.

Sunday AM

Have a little sleep in and when we’re ready we’ll mosey on downtown to grab a coffee and a croissant. Another dip in the ocean, some more reading and casual catch-ups with mates if they are around. 

Sunday PM

Some Sunday evenings I may be teaching a meditation class or program on Soul Alive. Otherwise, I’ll do some research and writing. Check in with my family and cook up a nice pasta dish for my wife and I to enjoy over a nice glass of wine. 

About Luke

Luke McLeod is a mindfulness expert and founder of Soul Alive (Australia’s first livestream-based meditation platform) and Soul Consulting, an HR+Culture service that teaches clients (including AMEX and lululemon) how to prioritise their mental wellbeing. He originally started meditating to improve his focus and performance at work. After booking a one-way ticket to India to study meditation in the Himalayas, he made it his mission to train and educate others on the benefits of the practice.

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