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New Farm-to-Table Menu at Sydney’s Luna Lu Restaurant

Luna Lu, a contemporary Asian premium diner with sweeping views of Sydney’s harbour, has recently launched a new philosophy that prioritizes a better, more sustainable future. Along with a newly refurbished dining district of The Rocks, the team of hospitality entrepreneurs has brought on board a newly appointed head chef, Pier Davide Maiuri, to spearhead the new mission of local, seasonal, ethical and sustainable produce.

The new Farm to Table style menu at Luna Lu takes diners on a gastronomic journey of contemporary Asian cuisine that fuses traditional and innovative flavors with the finest quality Australian produce, modern culinary artistry, and authenticity. Chef Pier Davide Maiuri, with over 10 years of industry expertise, has been inspired by the Farm to Table movement and his multicultural influence in creating unique Asian fusion culinary creations for Luna Lu.

Luna Lu’s new menu centers around sourcing quality and carbon-neutral ingredients while embracing unique flavors from around the world. Working directly with local farmers, the menu showcases the value of tradition, authenticity, and an innovative culinary culture. From the strenuous 24-hour simmering whiskey jus to their handmade purple potato powder, these are just some examples of Luna Lu’s fine blueprints – a true culinary labor of love.

The Ikejime Coral Trout dish is a standout dish that is sourced from Reefresh, a group specializing in supplying wild-caught Australian Coral Trout. Their farming process is sustainable, and their transportation aims to leave as little carbon footprint while keeping the fish in low-stress environments.

Susuki Farm in Fukuoka Japan is where Luna Lu sources their beef. With low-stress environments centered around the health and wellbeing of each cattle, Susuki Farm also grows their own silage and grain to ensure the cattle are fed a diet free of preservatives, hormones, or antibiotics.

The menu is carefully designed with each dish serving as a stimulating sensory experience for the diner, visually stunning and umami in flavor. “This menu is inspired by my memories, seasonality, and respect for the product, which I learned during my experience in Japan and Southeast Asia working and training in some of Asia’s best restaurants,” explains Pier Davide Maiuri, Head Chef.

Luna Lu’s new “Farm to Table” menu is now available for diners to explore, for booking visit here.

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