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Satellite Island, Tasmania

What do you think about when you think of a hideaway? Is it a tropical island in the middle of the South Pacific surrounded by palm trees and white sand? Is it high up in the mountains where you can escape from the world and look down on the valleys below? Or is it in the city where you can lose yourself in crowds of people? All of these are escapes, but if you truly want to get away from it all why not try a remote, unspoilt private island. Enter Satellite Island in Tasmania.

Satellite Island is a small, privately-owned island in the D’Entrecasteaux Channel
which can be hired out for exclusive use.

The Location

Lying across Bass Strait from mainland Australia, Tasmania the ‘Apple Isle’, is one of the most dramatic parts of the country with its unspoilt natural features and small population.

Off the edge of Tasmania, lies Bruny Island and off the edge of Bruny Island across the D’Entrecasteaux Sea you will find a 34 hectare island paradise uninhabited except for you and your guests. When Satellite Island first popped up on our radar a number of years ago we knew it was a place like no other.

Images of bedrooms seemingly floating on the sea, sheer cliff faces falling away to clear waters, freshly shucked oysters, abalone and local crayfish, of cosy nights in front of the fire looking out to sea – it is what true hideaway dreams are made of.

It feels like a place you can go to that will take you back to simple childhood days of foraging in the bush, playing at the water’s edge and catching fresh seafood to cook over the campfire.

Satellite Island is owned by Kate and Will Alstergren, Will inherited the island from his uncle and the couple set about turning it into a private hoilday home and accommodation. Kate engaged the help of Australian interior stylist Tess Newman- Morris to create a rustic coastal vibe. Kate and her family are lucky enought to visit the island for holidays, but when it isn’t being used by the family it is available for guests to book for private vacations.

The Accommodation

The Summer House perched up on the hill, contains three bedrooms, a living room and bathroom fitted out with cosy coastal interiors. There is a fireplace for those chilly Tasmanian nights (they are often) and a long table to enjoy lunch or dinner with the family. But pehaps one of the most special parts of the island is the Boathouse that sits by the dock of the sea, which contains two bedrooms.

You could be forgiven for thinking you are sleeping at sea, however don’t be mistaken, this is no cramped space, it is a beautiful sleeping space flanked by a decked area where you can enjoy early morning yoga, create a fire with loved ones or simply curl up with a good book.

Getting to Satellite Island is as simple as having the island keeper, Richard Roe, collect you at nearly Bruny Island. Richard will also be nearby if you need him during your stay, to take you across to Bruny to collect provisions, build a bonfire on top of the island or provide any other assistance and advice.

Satellite Island caters for larger groups too, it sleeps 10 comfortably and it makes a great spot to visit with friends and family. It truly is a little slice of the world that is pure escapism. We dare you to visit and spend some time here and not feel like you are cut off for the world, which really is the ultimate luxury these days.

The Interiors

The interiors at Satellite Island are ‘cosy coastal’ in a palette of natural fabrics, creams, whites and blues. It is low-key luxe, with lots of linens, wool, bleached driftwood and natural wood. Sea and fishing touches are evident throughout the interiors and local Tasmanian produce and goods are made available to guests.

There are local and antique pieces including a Scandinavian armoire filled with Nordic crystal and an 18th century farmhouse dining table, perfect for family dinners. The interiors embrace the island’s natural beauty, including sandstone shelves carved from the island’s cliffs.

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