Winter Skincare Secrets: Alex Pike’s 7 Tips to Achieve Glowing Skin in Cold Weather

By Founder of Face by Alex Pike and Inside Out Beauty, Alex Pike

As the colder months come creeping in, our skin is the first to suffer. Gail force winds, rain and a dramatic drop in temperature can wreak havoc on the body’s largest organ, so how can we best tend to it in the winter? 

Before the dawn of the web, looking after your skin was as simple as grabbing the plainest, simplest moisturiser that your local chemist stocked. Today, the beauty world has evolved with almighty technological advancements beyond what any skinfluencer could ever dream of. With endless products gracing the shelves and innovative trends flooding our social media platforms, it can be difficult to discern what is best for your skin, making our skincare routines resemble a full-time job. After all, no two skin types are the same, so it’s all about finding exactly what works for you and how to achieve your dream look. 

We reached out to cosmetic nurse, business woman and health and wellness expert Alex Pike, to share her tips.

1. Choose the right moisturiser

The number one issue for skin in winter is dryness, with cold temperatures leaving skin raw, and inside heat sapping all moisture. Changing up your moisturiser is also a great tip. I like to use a heavier night moisturiser in the winter months like Cosmedix Emulsion or Cosmedix Rescue to make sure the skin gets the best care whilst being indoors with the heating on all the time.

2. Keep hydrated

Tackling skin dryness is actually easiest to manage from the inside out; it’s very important to keep hydrated. It’s so easy to forget to keep up the water intake when it’s chilly, so supplementing water for herbal teas and hot water and lemon is great to keep up the fluids.

3. Adjust your skincare routine

Changing up your routine based on the season is a great way to maintain your skin’s health depending on what it needs. Scaling back the retinoid and acidic cleansers will help maintain the skin’s natural moisture and protect the skin barrier against the harsh conditions.

4.Don’t forget sunscreen

Sunscreen! Don’t be fooled by the grey skies and rain, UV levels across Australia can remain at 3 or above and will still permeate clouds, according to the Australian Cancer Council. For context, the scale ends at 16 (extreme levels) so grab a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen and slip, slop, slap.

5. Layer your skin

Layer your skin, not just your clothes. The recent skincare trend “slugging” emerged late last year, but dermatologists recommend this practice in the colder months, specifically at bed time. Slugging is, in essence, applying an occlusive product (vaseline, heavy moisturiser, night cream) to create a physical barrier on top of the skin to prevent water loss and lock moisture in. 

6. Eat to glow

Fuel your body with foods high in antioxidants. The age old adage “your insides reflect your outside” rings true here, so ensuring your diet is high in antioxidant rich foods (blueberries, strawberries, oranges and avocados) will help repair the skin’s surface and protect it from weather and UV rays. If kale and spinach make you wince in the morning, pop them into your AM smoothie with your favourite additions and you won’t notice a thing. 

7. Consider professional treatments

Consider professional treatments to really tackle problematic skin. For injectable treatments, I recommend a Bio Remodelling filler. Often described as the “honey filler”, it’s injected into the superficial dermis in tiny blobs and then spreads like honey into the tissue to a 5 cm diameter. This treatment strengthens the elastin fibres, with no downtime and minimal bruising or swelling! 

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