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15 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas (that don’t cost a fortune)

The thought of sitting in a restaurant full of other couples doesn’t quite cut it for us this Valentine’s Day so we have come up with some ideas that are a little different, won’t cost a lot but are sure to celebrate and impress your significant other.

1. Take a Hike

Getting out in nature with your loved one is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day, and it has the added benefit of getting your blood pumping doing something that is good for you.

2. The Breakfast Date

Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday this year which for most of us means work, so having a breakfast date can be a great way to connect and start your day. Take your partner to their favourite café and enjoy a precious hour or two together before the day gets started.

3. Pamper Yourself

If you are single why not show yourself some love and head to a spa or book in for a relaxing massage. Doing something to take care of yourself is a great way to pamper yourself.

4. The Afternoon Picnic

A late afternoon picnic is a lovely way to finish the day together, grab a bottle of wine or sparkling, a grazing platter, a picnic blanket and a great book and head to your favourite spot or gardens to enjoy some together time.

5. Together Apart

Let’s face it with isolation rules, work challenges and Covid restrictions there are likely to be many couples kept apart this Valentine’s Day. Get dressed up, set up a Zoom or FaceTime meeting and carve out some quality screen time together, distraction free.

6. Bake Together

Why not chose a delicious recipe and get into the kitchen together and start cooking. From cookies to cupcakes baking delicious treats is sure to sweeten your relationship.

7. Take a Class

Is there something you both have always wanted to learn? Why not take a pottery, glass blowing or still life drawing class together. You may even get to recreate that classic Ghost scene.

8. Plant a tree

Symbolise your love by getting your hands dirty and planting a new tree in your garden. You will be able to tend to the plant and watch it grow as your love grows.

9. Explore your City

Go on a walking tour of your city and spend time together ambling through the streets, chatting and discovering more about the area around you.

10. Movie Night at Home

Ditch the crowded cinema and create a movie night at home. Popcorn, blankets, ice-cream and no interruptions (put your phones in another room!) will make sure the atmosphere is fun and romantic.

11. Shop Together

Why not head out on a shopping date where each of you get to choose the other’s outfit. Have a little fun, dress up and finish the day with a glass of champagne together.

12. Do a Good Deed

Showing how much you love someone is sometimes better than hearing it, find something you know your partner is struggling with – mow the lawn for them, drop their car in to be serviced, make them lunch for work or plant them a herb garden. Better yet organise to have the kids looked after so you can both truly relax. Little gestures often go a long way to demonstrate how much you love someone.

13. Head to the Beach

If you are lucky enough to live near the coast and the weather is nice head to the beach and spend some time reconnecting with the sea and each other. Grab fish and chips, take some towels and laze away a few hours together in the sunshine.

14. Have a Pyjama Day

Take a day off work and spend it lazing about in bed together, make breakfast in bed, read books, chat, love and be fully present with each other without the stress and worry of work.

15. Bend Together

Book into a yoga class and stretch together followed by a healthy meal at your local café. Shared experiences connect us to one another and help us to relate, yoga is perfect for relaxation and mastering the art of breathing together.

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