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3 New Season Hair Trends To Try Now

When the seasons change it is the perfect time to give our wardrobes, homes and beauty regimes an overhaul ready to embrace the next phase of the year. Our hair is no exception and with trends coming and going, we love the chance to create a look that might not be permanent but will definitely make a statement

Wella Global Creative Artist, Renya Xydis shares the latest hair trends that we are set to see for the next season – get ready to embrace soft blush tones, stonewashed hues and milky oat vanillas. 

1. Blushed Brunette

We all think that blondes have more fun but this season, the tables are certainly turning. Imagine brown shades but with, wait, you guessed it – hints of pink tones. This look works perfectly on all shaded of brown and brunette and adds a playfulness and gloss to brown hair.

“Brunettes will have more alluring shimmers of soft warmer blush tones to create a premium shine.” – Renya

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2. Muted Pink

While it’s amazing brunettes can have this subtle, yet fun colour, blondes are also capitalising on this softer approach. When it comes to pink, we’ve seen the works from hot pink hues to rose-gold tips, but now we’re set to see a more muted and toned down version of the vibrant shade. Forget candy pink and instead opt for the softness of baby pink, and wear with pastel shades or dramatic black to really make a statement.

“This season focus on a new direction where pinks become less electric and more softer and stonewashed.” – Renya. 

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3. Milky Oat Blonde

From platinum blonde, golden blonde to dirty blonde, the list of different blonde shades is endless, but this season we’re set to see soft milky, oat tones. 

“Blondes are looking multifaceted with cool and sandy beige tones created with a sheer vanilla colour shine to create a sexy luxurious blonde palette.” – Renya 

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