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Brutalism is Back: How to Get the Look in Your Home

Brutalism has re-emerged in 2022 as a key interior design trend, and according to Heather Nette King, interior stylist and Carpet Court style ambassador, it is all thanks to our demand for a sense of strength and stability in our surroundings.

What is Brutalism?

Brutalism was an architecture style that emerged in the 1950’s in the United Kingdom, during post-war reconstruction. The style was focused on function over decorative elements, with geometric patterns, unpainted concrete and monochrome colours dominating the look. The architectural style has been polarising throughout history due to its harsh, rigid and often monolithic look.

While the hallmarks of the classic mid-century architectural design movement are in Brutalism – an emphasis on concrete, clean lines and lashing of grey – today’s iteration is less stark and more luxurious. This time Brutalism is back but with a more refined and luxurious edge.

“We call this look Brutal Beauty – it celebrates the popular architectural and interior aesthetic of Brutalism, but in a more inviting and appealing way” explains Heather Nette King, Carpet Court Style Ambassador.

Over the last year or so, the popularity of raw concrete as an interior finish has exploded and we’re seeing it appear in new homes and extensions across Australia. It speaks of strength, authenticity and our growing desire to live more simply – the idea of building once and building well’.

Want to embrace the Brutalism look in your home? Read on!

Heather Nette King’s Brutalism Style Tips

1. Keep Colours Restrained

Set the mood with layers of light and dark grey across flooring and upholstery, punches of bold black in art and accessories, and white on walls and ceilings to keep spaces feeling bright and open.

2. Choose furniture with strong, sculptural lines

Think minimalist sofas and armchairs, and coffee and dining tables with simple, curved lines.

3. Make it Easy

Create the look of a concrete or stone floor, with none of the installation or upkeep issues, with durable and easy-to-maintain hybrid tiled flooring.

4. Add timber for warmth

Rich timber tones, such as walnut, on cabinetry or one or two furniture pieces will add cosiness to the otherwise minimalist scheme.

5. Don’t forget comfort

Deep-seated sofas, upholstered bedheads and tactile bedlinen will emphasise the luxurious element in this look.

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