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3 Reasons Why Croatia Should Be Your Next Family Holiday Destination

A stunning central European country that boasts temperate weather throughout the year, plenty of historical intrigue, and stunning beach after stunning beach, Croatia has everything you need for an unforgettable family holiday. It’s one of those places you have to visit once in your lifetime. Whether you are beach lovers, huge fans of Games of Thrones (some of the series was filmed in Croatia), or are craving a well-earned adventure, here’s everything you can expect from the jewel of the Dalmatian Coast.

Idyllic Beaches

Croatia’s wealth of beaches makes it one of the best destinations for a family activity holiday. With miles and miles of coastline that hugs the indigo waters of the Adriatic, highlights include Bay Dubovica, Banje Beach in Dubrovnik (a hotspot for Games of Thrones fans), Sveti Ivan Beach, and Divna Beach in Dalmatia. Up north, there’s also the peninsula of Premantura which lacks the commercialism of the mainland.

Croatia also has over 1,000 islands to its name. Scattered along its beautiful coastline, hire a boat and dip in and out of various uninhabited islands and enjoy the beach all to yourselves. The islands of Krk and Hvar boast their own cultures and personalities, with many festivals taking place on these islands.

National Parks

Did you know that 10% of Croatia is a national park? With 8 parks to choose from, all with their attractions and terrains, there’s so much to keep you and your family occupied. For stunning vistas that could also be in far-away lands, head to Krka National Park and Plitvice Lakes National Park where you can gaze at incredible waterfalls, walk along beautiful waterways, and spot native mammals like the Eurasian Lynx.

For those who want all the vistas but without the crowds, Mljet National Park and Risnjak National Park are your best bets and offer visitors untouched landscapes, as well as jaw-dropping hikes and hidden gems that are worth the sore legs the day after.

Summer Festivals

Once the summer season rolls around, Croatia becomes a hive of festivals. With so many going on, there’s something for everyone along the Dalmatian Coast. From hardcore rock festivals to family-friendly gatherings and folklore events, you’re bound to find something to your taste. One particular highlight is the Croatian Summer Salsa Festival which is scheduled to take place in the middle of June next year. With everything from dancing workshops to beach parties, shows, and live concerts, this festival is one to watch out for in Rovinj.

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