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Interview With Artist Kimmy Hogan

We catch up with Australian artist Kimmy Hogan and find out more about her life and inspiration. This interview first appeared in our very first issue of ele HOME magazine. By Katie Skinner

Tell us a bit about your yourself?

I’m a digital fine artist, a mum to three young boys and a wife to my true love.

Where are you based?

Geelong, Victoria

How would you describe your creative style and mediums?

My creative style is like warm botanical hug – think big flowery shapes and rambling tones of peach, cream, pink and terracotta. My medium is digital, but my drawings are created with hand-motion like I’m holding a pencil. It’s all the yummy wobbly lines that come naturally from a hand drawing that give my art that warmth and human touch. You can see that I’ve been there.

How did you begin your career?

I used to be a graphic designer, but my love of art and home interiors has been unwavering since I was a small child. I worked in the commercial industry for over ten years but my desire to illustrate and create art was too great to ignore, so I took the leap into the fine art industry and never looked back.

It took many years to figure out what I actually wanted my art to look like – after a lot of experimenting and developing I created what I believe is a truly unique signature style. I didn’t start with many Instagram followers, my goal was to just create good art, and that’s when I started to get noticed.

Who and what inspires you?

In life: women in business inspire me. Especially creatives. I love an artist or designer who has created their own brand and vibe to set them apart from the rest.

In the art world: Inspiration is everywhere. My shapes mostly inspired by the fluid curved lines of flowers and botanicals. My colour palette could be inspired by travel photos of Morocco or even just a beautiful fabric of some clothing I’ve seen. Sometimes an interior space can inspire me – I might ask myself what artwork I could create for that space.

What do you love about your work?

The art – it’s exploring new ideas for a collection, styling the shoot then launching – it’s soooo much fun. I just wish I had more time to draw! I also love my little team of rockstar girls who help the wheels turn in my business. We laugh, we shop, we dance, we swap Pinterest finds… and make time to process orders too of course! It’s a little creative hub of happiness.

What does the future in store for you?

New drawings, new ideas and I like to always add a bit of surprise and magic to a new collection. And I have a new website coming soon which will be so fun and useful for people to explore my process, materials and find out all about my team and how we work.

Instagram @kimmyhogan
Photographer: Cricket Saleh

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