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4 Eco-friendly and Sustainable Products We Are Loving For 2023

Is your New Year resolution to be more environmentally friendly? Here are 5 eco-friendly products we are loving right now.

Whether you are looking to take a more environmental approach to life, or you are concerned about putting harmful chemicals onto your skin which can affect our delicate hormone balance, more people are investigating ways that they can become more natural, eco-friendly and sustainable with the products that they use. 

To help you choose some of the best eco-friendly and sustainable products to try, here are some of the best that we are loving right now. 

1. Totem Eco

The majority of commercial deodorants are highly toxic. They utilise ingredients such as Triclosan, parabens and aluminium which have been linked to unusual hormone activity and can mess with your microbiome (read this interesting article featured in Time). 

Additionally, an anti-perspirant spray deodorant releases toxins into the air with every spray. Imagine if every person in the world was using spray deodorant twice every day, that is a lot of toxins going into the air that we breathe. 

Totem Eco have created an award-winning Australian all-natural deodorant paste that was created in Berry, NSW using Australian native ingredients. The range is free from aluminium, sweat blockers, parabens and other nasties. They don’t use known irritants such as bicarb, fillers, or anything unnecessary in their formula, making it as effective and natural as possible while suitable for all skin types.

The range is infused with beautiful Australian Botanical Essential Oils and formulated with only the best Australian and locally sourced ingredients. They are also vegan friendly, cruelty-free and contain antimicrobial properties to keep you smelling fresh as a daisy all day long.

Totem Eco Founders Toby and Katie

2. Clémence Organics

Clémence Organics who a 2022 Organics Beauty Award at the Clean+Conscious awards this month. They have created a stunning skincare line that includes every product you could want from cleaners to serums and you can also shop by skin concern. Best of all, the range is made with non-toxic, organic ingredients including gout kolo, turmeric, bearberry, lemon and hyaluronic acid. Ingredients are sources ethically and all packaging is 100% recyclable where possible. The team also donate 1% to charities that support environmental programs. 

Skincare is one area that can bring up some ethical questions when it comes to both the toxicity of ingredients used and the ethics in regards to testing on animals and making claims. Clémence Organics are certified where they can be and are transparent. 

Clémence Organics Brightening Skin + Eye Serum is our new beauty team favourite

3. Kylie’s Professional

Like with skincare, make-up is another big space where there is room for improvement. Aside from the ethical questions of testing on animals, your skin is your biggest organ and any toxins put onto it get absorbed into your blood stream. Make up and skincare cover a large percentage of your skin which is why it is good to search for good natural products where possible. 

Kylie’s Professional is a beautiful mineral make-up line that is high performing, award winning and made from concentrated clean formulas. Kylie herself suffers from sensitive skin which led her on a quest to find non-irritating, safe skincare and beauty products that she could use. With the knowledge she amassed over the years of trilling and testing, plus with her hairdresser background, Kylie created her own line which has won a bunch of awards. Not only does her range offer great formulas, but they are also high in pigment to produce great results. 

4. Huskee Reusable Cups

Australians consume more than 50, 000 cups of coffee every 30 minutes. 600 Billion disposable coffee cups are produced worldwide each year and of those 99.75% are not recycled and 60, 000 kg goes into landfill in each year in Australia alone.

Husskee Cups sell fashionable and stylish keep-cups which helps to keep that wastage down, however they have taken it a step further by creating their product from coffee husk, which is a by-product for the production of coffee which goes into waste. Huskee also have a cup exchange program and an end-of-life recycling program to ensure they create the highest impact with the lowest possible footprint to ultimately eliminate the need for single use products. There whole business is based on reducing the wastage in the coffee industry. 

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