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5 of the Best Health and Wellness Apps for 2023

We are kicking off the new year with a focus on health and wellbeing and these 5 apps will help you hit all of your health and wellbeing goals in 2023!

1. Fluid Running

Whether you are doing water-based training due to rehabilitating an injury, or just because you enjoy being in the water, Fluid Running is one entertaining workout that is sure to kick you into gear in the new year.

Founded by marathon runner Jennifer Conroyd, Fluid Running brings a classic and engaging twist to traditional aqua running. Fluid Running is an app-based program that offers fully guided workouts that can be done in deep or shallow water. The program delivers a full body workout that combines moderate aerobic running sets with high-intensity intervals and sprints along with several other movements to challenge different muscle groups.

This innovative system includes an app with how-to videos, music-backed, instructor led audio workouts, waterproof headphones, and a flotation belt (for the deep water program).

2. Vitruvian

There has been lots of attention on the Digital fitness space for a few years now. From Peloton to Mirror, Australia’s own Vitruvian is quickly coming up the ranks as a go-to for those who enjoy resistance training and who want a suitable home-gym option that doesn’t take up much space. An innovative, smart machine, Vitruvian operates by smart algorithms that constantly respond to the way you move and acts as a full home gym via the one piece of equipment.

The app gives users access to 200+ exercises, classes curated by elite fitness couches, goal-oriented programs, data tracking and performance insights. Not only will Vitruvian prompt you to ensure you keep improving and avoid a plateau, but it is also social and offers a gamification element so you can compete with other users around the world.

3. Bodymapp

Bodymapp, who are the leaders in 3D body scanning technology, have created a new app that uses infrared technology to measure and track your health and fitness using your phone. It uses the depth sensors in your phone’s front camera to measure and track up to 20 different measurements of your body, which will show you more about your health and fitness than your weight alone. The app also creates a 3D avatar of your own body, an avatar that looks just like you, so you can compare your avatar over time to see how your body has changed. What’s more, the Bodymapp also has an in-built ‘Goals’ feature that helps you set goals that are healthy, realistic and achievable for you, while helping you track your progress as you go.

4. Soul Alive

The new year is a great time to add mental health and mindfulness practises into your daily routine. Too often people wait until they are so burnt out or they are at rock bottom before they add anything into their lives to assist their mind and mindset. Factoring it in when you are feeling fresh after a break is often the best approach.

Soul Alive is the ultimate mental health and mindfulness app that has been created by Luke McLeod. The app features live and interactive classes several times a week which is great for people who like to schedule their weekly routine. It also includes Learn To Meditate Courses, on-demand resources, breath work and daily 5-minute exercises to help relax and keep calm throughout your day.

Learning to add these simple exercises into your day can make a big difference towards your mental health and mindset for the year ahead, especially as things get busy.

5. Apple Health

If you are an iPhone user, the Apple Health app is a great way to keep on track with certain health markers, especially when it comes to steps. Additionally, this app is often integrated into other apps, so for example the Qantas Wellbeing app will give you points for reaching your step goals. This is one app that is great to utilise.

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