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5 Ways To Save Time And Money On Your Morning Coffee

A solid coffee addiction can really add up! But there are ways to have your cup and drink it too. Here are five tips for saving money and time on coffee. Obviously, the best way to save money on coffee is to give it up altogether, but if that sounds like a terrible idea, here are five other ways to enjoy it.

1.     Drink your coffee on company time

You’ve got a couple of options here to save a bit of cash. If your workplace supplies coffee then you can drink the free stuff and cash in there, alternatively, if you’re based from home, the ATO allows you to claim the expense for a coffee machine at the end of the financial year. If you get a good one, some machines basically match barista-made quality coffee.

This will be based on the business portion of the purchase, so long as you have kept accurate and complete records. We recommend you have a read of their information on claiming a tax deduction for depreciating assets and other capital expenses for home-based businesses. 

2. Make your coffee work for you

It goes without saying that most of us are useless without our morning coffee, here we welcome our friends over at Hey you. They connect customers with local businesses through their nifty app, so that you can order ahead and pay through your mobile. This not only allows you to save time and beat the queue, but it also ensures there’s no miscommunication around your order…win win!

3. Be Loyal

Save money on coffee by getting the 10th cup free.  Many coffee shops use loyalty cards to keep you coming back for their special brew and while it’s not going to save you huge amounts of money, using a loyalty card can add up. If you buy coffee every day, getting every tenth cup free at $4 a cup will save you $146 a year!

4. BYO

Some cafes offer discounts on coffee if you bring your own reusable cup. It’s a win-win because they save money on the disposable coffee cup, and you save money (and the environment) too. 

5. The gift of great coffee

We’ve all got that distant aunt or work colleague that doesn’t know what to get us come Christmas time. Next time they ask, suggest a gift card to your favourite coffee shop or get a coffee bean delivery sent straight to your door! Everyone wins with a coffee gift. They will be happy they are giving you a gift you will use and appreciate. And you get to save a little money money on morning coffee, plus it helps to support small cafes and coffee shops.

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