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A Classic Dry Martini Recipe

A Classic Dry Martini is one of the most sophisticated drinks you can enjoy. This crystal clear cocktail, served in a chilled martini glass has been a mainstay in bars across the globe since it first made an appearance in New York in the early 1900s.

Martinis are not for the feint-hearted, with a glass of pure alcohol, they really are a white neat spirit lovers dream. While we are partial to a good Vodka Martini, it is hard to go past the original made with gin.

Try this recipe from the Botanist Gin and get ready to elevate your drinks game to the next level.

Classic Dry Martini Recipe


  • 50ml The Botanist Gin
  • 10ml Dry Vermouth
  • Garnish: lemon twist or chilled Green Olive


  • Add gin and vermouth in to a mixing glass
  • Add ice and stir to dilute
  • Strain into a chilled martini cocktail glass, garnish with a lemon twist or olive, as desired.

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