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Easy Scone Recipe

This easy scone recipe is perfect for morning or afternoon tea! Top scones with jam and whipped cream for a delicious traditional sweet treat.

If savoury is more your thing switch the lemonade for soda water and add in some dried herbs and top with grated cheese before baking and serve warm with butter.  

Easy Scone Recipe

Recipe by Jo O’Keefe for ele Magazine


3 cups self-raising flour 

1 cup thickened cream 

1 cup of lemonade 


  1. Pre-heat oven to 220C/428F.
  2. Place flour into your mixing bowl Add in the cream and lemonade and mix to combine. 
  3. The mix is sticky, but with floured hands work it quickly and shape it into a rectangle flattening it with your hand until it is approximately 3 cm thick.
  4. Cut out with a scone cutter, a glass or even cut into squares whatever works for you! 
  5. Place scones onto a lined tray so they just touch
  6. Brush with a little extra cream and bake until golden brown (10-12 min). 

Serve immediately or wrap in a clean tea towel to keep warm and serve with a bowl of whipped cream and raspberry or blackberry jam.

Top tip – These scones can be frozen and used within 3 months of freezing.

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