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A Design Life: Interview With Graphic Designer and Brand Creator, Eloise Jenkins

By Claudia Siron

Graphic designer and creator of aromatic tea brand, Eloise Jenkins, is a force to be reckoned with in the creative space. From her (beyond) aesthetically pleasing Instagram, to the launch of her new brand (Apothetea – which “offers a collection of quality aromatic and floral infused teas that are specially blended to enhance your daily routine and overall sense of wellbeing”), she is making waves over social media and the design industry – and now the wellbeing space.

We sat down with Eloise and chatted about what her day looks like, how she describes her overall style and a little about life in the studio.

Tell us a bit about your personality and your lifestyle. And what are your current life thoughts?

I’m not too sure how exactly to describe myself! I’m definitely somewhat introverted but once you know me I’m your friend for life. I spend the majority of my time working in Apricate Studio (my design business) and also my tea label, Apothetea. When I’m not doing that you can expect to find me having a picnic or strolling around at the local dog beach with my dachshund Cleo.

How would you describe your overall style?

For fashion, I definitely try to keep key pieces in my wardrobe and stick to a neutral palette with pops of pink! It’s really important for me to dress for myself everyday so that I feel confident and content. I also really love exaggerated sleeves and long midi dresses coming into autumn. In terms of design, I really try to avoid trends where I can – I provide branding for clients and it’s so important to me that they can stand the test of time.

How do you approach graphic art? What do you enjoy creating and what inspires you?

I feel like a few years ago I was really known for creating fashion collages, but it got a bit over-saturated. I find myself constantly drawn back to this in a physical form in my art diary which I love creating just for myself. I try to make sure my design is helping the world instead of making it more complicated. I also love bringing brands to life through creating logos and branding – it really is so satisfying to me to see a brand form.

Tell us about Apricate Studio

Apricate Studio focuses primarily on branding, packaging and photography. This will be my fourth year running the studio and I feel really lucky that this is my job. The goal is to keep working with people we consider friends and work on a variety of brands; it’s our dream to do the identity of a coffee shop!

You’re also the co-owner of a newly created premium, organic tea brand. Tell us a bit about that.

Yes! We luckily bought into the brand last August. Since then, we have been making subtle changes to the brand and are planning to launch our biodegradable tea bags. There are about 10 loose leaf flavours like Lavender, Chamomile, Peppermint, as well as classics tea bags like Earl Grey, English Breakfast and more. The vision is to encourage health into parts of your everyday life while taking a bit of down time. 

Share with us a behind the scenes description of your average day.

I normally wake up, have a shower and take my pup to the local dog beach – we are moving soon to a new house, so I’m also trying to pack and get a bit organized in the mornings. It really depends on the weather in regards to shooting photos or working on brands, so each day is different! Some days I will be stuck into a brand for 12 hours; other days I will be shooting between home and other locations like the beach or pool.

Do you have any major plans for this year? Any new projects to come as well?

We have just bought our dream house, so I am really excited to move in a month’s time and do a few small renovations to make the space viable to work from! In terms of work, I’d love to bring someone into the business as an employee. Watch this space!

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