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Alex’s Black Friday Beauty Picks

Want to know our ele Beauty guru Alex’s top beauty picks in the Black Friday Sales? Read on..

With Black Friday sales just around the corner I wanted to take a couple of minutes to talk about the big-ticket items I think you should consider buying in the sales. These are the last proper sales before Christmas, so it’s the perfect opportunity to grab some cute gifts for a loved one (or just for yourself).

Dyson Airwrap (Link)
Look, I know the Airwrap isn’t cheap, but at 15% off it’s certainly an easier pill to swallow. My full review will be out later in December, but the Airwrap has been an absolute lifesaver for me in the last few months, the straightening brush is my go-to. If you’ve been tossing up the decision to grab the Airwrap just do it, it’s worth it.

It’s a coincidence that they’re all pink, ok. I don’t have a problem, you do! 😉

Foreo Luna Mini (Link)
The Luna Mini 3 (pictured) is a big cutie, and though it’s still new to me, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it. The Luna Mini 3’s younger sister, the Luna Mini 2 is going on crazy sale on Black Friday, some stores are giving it a 35% discount! So if you are looking for something around the $150AUD mark for a Christmas gift, this is the perfect one for the person in your life who is skincare obsessed!

Cloud Nine Wide Iron (Link)
Do you love rich girl waves? Then stop using your thin straightener and commit to a wide iron. Nothing gives a curl like it, and Cloud Nine is the best brand around. I switched from a ghd to a Cloud Nine about 6 months ago, and the difference has been HUGE, the Cloud Nine glides through my hair, rarely ever catching (even on bleached hair).

Aceology Masks (Link)
These masks are not cheap, but they’re the perfect stocking filler/gift add-on. The frose mask is a fun treatment for skin that’s inflamed, so it’s ideal for skin that’s taken a beating over the holiday season with increased sun exposure. These gel masks feel super luxe, and they’re perfect for your friend who likes to feel a bit bougie.

KKW Fragrance (Link)
I will be the first to admit that I am a big KKW fan (I mean her uber eats ad is iconic), but I was deeply sceptical of her fragrances. The emoji packaging looked a little too tacky for me, and I don’t like to buy perfumes online. So when the KKW Fragrance line popped up in Myer, I had to check it out. At $90 for 75ml, the Crystal Gardenia fragrance (pictured) is GORGEOUS and relatively inexpensive. The bottle is sturdy enough for me to chuck in my bag, and it’s become my everyday scent. This is the gift for the person you love who spends too much time on Instagram and is in love with KKW (i.e. me).

If you enjoy these lists then keep your eye out for my fav products of 2019 post coming soon and click here for more of my health and beauty reviews.

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