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Beauty Review: PDO Mono Threads

By Shannon Meddings, Style Machine

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I sat down with Nurse Practitioner Nat from Privée Clinic in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney prior to my treatment of PDO MONO Threads. I honestly didn’t know too much about it and was a little nervous as I had seen some pretty drastic thread stories on Instagram. Nat (thankfully) reassured me that this was a completely different treatment all together to the foxy eye look.

What are PDO Mono Threads?

PDO Mono Threads are made from Polydioxanone, the same material used in dissolvable stiches. They are a flexible & durable thread that is inserted into the face or body, stimulating the formation of collagen around the thread. This gives support to the tissues and the results tighten the skin.

Who Would Benefit From This Treatment?

This treatment is perfect for people who don’t want to use injectables and those who want tightening of the skin. They can be a great alternative if you want to increase collagen production but also keep natural movement. It can be the perfect option for the patient with a fuller face, those that naturally have volume, but still want a tightening effect, as filler in these patients can leave one looking overfilled or puffy.

The threads do a great job of tightening the skin without adding volume. There is no risk of migration or looking unnatural when the face is in animation and they are a great way to address pesky lines and wrinkles without losing movement.

PDO Mono Threads are popular due to their dramatic skin tightening benefits, without being too invasive. You can achieve skin tightening effects with minimal downtime and avoid going under the knife.

The Treatment

During the Treatment

So I was ready to go!! I selected to have my upper cheeks and crow’s feet done as this is where is see most of the collagen loss (from running), and as someone who wears glasses, I squint ALL THE TIME! 

Firstly, my face was numbed with a topical anaesthetic cream and the needle was inserted very close to the surface. It was a little uncomfortable although relatively painless. Once inserted, the casing is pulled out and I was left with my threads in position.

I had 10 on each eye and 10 on each cheek. I was done in 20 minutes including the numbing cream, I could immediately see results as the thread formed a scaffolding under my skin!

It is now week 2 and my skin looks bouncy and tighter, just all over a lot fresher but still so natural. This is definitely my new favourite treatment!! I will be going to get my chin done next and possibly tear troughs, I love that it tightens my skin and works with my body to build its own collagen.

I highly recommend this treatment. Best results occur 12 weeks post treatment and I can’t wait, as I’m already blown away with the outcome.

To find out more about this treatment contact:

Privée Clinic
65 Mill Hill Rd
Bondi Junction NSW
P: +61 2 8041 5725

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