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Dermaplaning Review – Is It Just Fancy Face Shaving?

Is dermaplaning a skin saviour or just a fancy name for face shaving? We test this controversial treatment and find out if it is worth the hype.

What is it?

Dermaplaning is facial treatment that uses a surgical blade to take off the upper levels of the skin. It promises to reveal refreshed, glowy and renewed skin. It can assist with managing congested and dehydrated skin, milia and remove the fine vellus hair that aren’t able to be removed by laser.

The Treatment

After a brief chat to the consultant about my skin concerns and goals my skin was cleansed. The consultant then used the fine surgical blade and worked methodically across my whole face. It didn’t hurt at all, it just feels like a fine scraping. After she had finished a crystal fibre face mask was applied to help with hydration and healing.

The Aftermath

Following the treatment my skin was quite pink and shiny. I didn’t want to put on any makeup so I headed home. The following day my face was beautifully clear and glowing. My cheekbones and face contours were more defined as there was no fine film of hair to blur the edges.

It felt almost strangely smooth, and my make up went on perfectly – a little bit like it was airbrushed. After the first week the hair started to grow back but it didn’t grow back any thicker or coarser.

Would I Try It Again?

I would definitely try this again to achieve a perfectly clear canvas for my makeup prior to a big event. The effects don’t last as long as laser or a chemical peel so I would save this for special events.

The Details

Pain level: 1/10
Cost: $$ (We paid $169 for this treatment)
Effectiveness: B+

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