What to Do in Bellagio, Lake Como

Wandering through cobblestoned streets on a sunny afternoon with a gelato in hand is one life’s loveliest pleasures, and one of the best places to do it is in Bellagio, in the Lake Como region of Italy. This beautiful village is located on the shores of the lake and is one of Italy’s most famous summer escapes, often described as the ‘Pearl of the Lake’.

Located just over an hour away from Milan (by train and bus or by car) Bellagio is the summer playground of the well-heeled with stunning villas, world class hotels, pretty boutiques and restaurants and bars serving up delicious Italian fare.

For garden lovers there is much to explore at the famous Villa Melzi and Villa Serbelloni. The town itself is also bursting with tumbling bougainvillea, trailing vines and greenery adorning many of the pretty buildings.

If you are looking for the perfect gift to take home you can’t go wrong with a beautiful silk scarf from Azalea. The region is famous for its scarves and silks and this boutique stocks so many styles in the most exquisite prints it is hard to leave with just one! There are plenty of other upscale shopping opportunities in the village catering to the luxury traveller and some wonderful delis selling local Italian produce and wines.

While there are plenty of accommodation options in Belaggio and some beautiful private villas to rent, we enjoyed staying at nearby Menaggio or Varenna which are a little quieter and only a quick ferry ride away.

After a full day of exploring the village there isn’t much that beats enjoying a glass of crisp Italian wine, admiring the beautiful views of Lake Como and watching the afternoon sun sparkle on the water knowing that you will soon be enjoying a delicious Italian meal. It truly is la dolce vita!

Things to do in Bellagio

Here are some of our favorite things to do in Lake Como.

  1. Explore Villa Melzi Gardens – The Villa Melzi Gardens are situated along the lakefront, and they are one of the most beautiful attractions in Bellagio. The gardens are famous for their exotic plants, rare trees, and colorful flowers. You can stroll through the pathways of the gardens, enjoy the scents of the blooming flowers, and relax in the shade of the trees while taking in the stunning views of Lake Como.
  2. Visit the Basilica di San Giacomo – The Basilica di San Giacomo is an ancient Romanesque church located in the center of Bellagio. It was built in the 12th century and has been restored over time. The church is known for its beautiful façade and intricate frescoes. It is worth visiting for its historical significance and unique architecture.
  3. Take a Boat Tour – Lake Como is one of the most beautiful and famous lakes in the world, and taking a boat tour is the best way to explore it. You can hire a boat or join a tour group to explore the lake’s beauty, including the stunning villas, mountains, and towns that surround it.
  4. Go Hiking in the Surrounding Mountains – Bellagio is surrounded by beautiful mountains that offer some of the best hiking trails in Italy. You can explore the hillsides, valleys, and woodlands, which are home to a variety of flora and fauna.
  5. Eat and Drink – Let’s face it Italy is a food lover’s paradise and Bellagio is no exception. Spend the afternoon in a lake-side restaurant, enjoying delicious wine and food and enjoying the spectacular views.

For more information on Bellagio visit here.

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