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How To Host A Lunch At Home

Inviting guests into your home is a great way to show your love and appreciation for the special people in your life, read our tips on how to host a lunch at home that your family and friends will remember.

1. Plan the guest list

When you are planning your lunch make sure you invite guests in advance and give them time to plan to attend your event. Sometimes, if you have different groups of friends and family it can be great to add a mix of people to the guest list to keep it fresh and allow different people in your life to connect. However, if there is any ongoing friction between friends or family, its best to hold separate events to make sure you can all enjoy a drama-free lunch.

2. Add layers to your table setting

When you are setting the table, use different textures, patterns, fabrics and layers to create a cosy atmosphere. Wool check blankets or knee rugs are a lovely addition to add to the backs of chairs so guests can use them if they get cold.

3. Choose the right music

When you are entertaining, music is such an easy way to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere and make guests feel at ease, put on your favourite tunes or do a simple Spotify search for dinner party playlists. If you have a record player, playing vinyl records will add a vintage feel to your lunch.

4. Plan your menu

Cosy lunches should be full of simple comfort food. Try rustic tarts and pies, roast chicken, a simple radicchio and blood orange salad and good quality baked bread. Serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic wine and drink options for guests. See a full selection of great recipes here.

5. Don’t forget candles

Pillar candles or dinner candles are perfect for a lunch table, the candlelight will add warmth and cosiness indoors, even during the daytime. Fresh flowers always add a beautiful touch to any table, they don’t need to be expensive – try picking green foliage and branches from your garden for a rustic look.

5. Enjoy yourself

It is easy to caught up in trying to make your lunch or event perfect, remember your guests are there to see you. Choose easy food, prepare in advance, put on a great outfit and enjoy yourself!

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